Interviewing Carol Sills #improvisation #ViolaSpolin

While working with Carol, as her stage manager for the Story Theatre Production “The Tao of Chuang Chou” at The New Actors Workshop, I heard many stories about Viola and Paul. I wanted to record and share at least some of it so we conducted an interview with her about Spolin Improvisation. Our interview translated into Turkish got published in The New Theater Magazine in Turkey. Here is a little part in which Carol talks about the birth of improvisational theatre in the US.

Improvisation for Breakthrough Business Results Workshop — next week!

A message from Martha Gelnaw Consulting about our next workshop . Join us on July 25th at Primary Stages, NYC.

Here are just some of the things people are saying – about the introductory Improvisation for Breakthrough Business Results session.

They feel:

More present, courageous, authentic, self-aware, ready, appreciative, considerate, tolerant, trusting, calmer, can have more harmonious interactions  – and less anxious.

Please join me for an introductory session on July 25.  Here are the details:
Improvisation for Breakthrough Business Results
“Prepare to be Unprepared”is what Amy Poehler (SNL, Second City, Parks and Recreation) said she learned to do as improviser.  We will explore how to stay in the moment and think on your feet while using the activities of improvisation. This is not “improv” sketch comedy. You do not have to be funny. Just show up and participate.
In your business tool kit you have experience, strategy, a solid education, and well-laid plans. Yet, sooner or later, you begin to realize that the act of management becomes a delicate balance that requires advanced improvisational skills.  This is where your experience and training may fall short.
With this work you can:

  • Think on your feet in fast paced or uncomfortable situations
  • Deal with uncertainty
  • Go deeper into relationships with clients, investors, colleagues, teams
  • Take risks more readily
  • Feel more confident in everyday or high pressure interactions
  • Find your authentic presence

Learn how in this 3-hour session.  
In this introductory session, you will do what improvisers do to prepare, perform, and succeed when the stakes are high.  We’ll take you through improvisation exercises and activities that help you tap in to your intuition and inner knowing.
Improvisation techniques get you thinking on your feet. This is a novel experience with new ways to have you be more successful in your business.  The work is fast-paced and hey, it’s not around a conference table!
This session and its activities are specifically tailored to those who are in the room.
Cost:                      $100 per participant; Pay by credit card through PayPal at
Date:                     Wednesday, July 25, 2012
Time:                    8:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m.
Location:             Primary Stages
307 West 307 West 38th Street, between 8th & 9th Avenues, 15th Floor
Studio A
Subways:  1, 2, 3 to Penn Station; A, C, E to Penn Station; N, R, W, 7 to Times Square
Buses:   M20, M34A, M11, M7, M34
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