What's in the works? Transformism!

After a looong break from my blog, it is time to announce my new big project… drumroll… a feature film!
We wrote TRANSFORMISM with my partner in crime Emir Gamsizoglu. We gathered an amazing cast, and are currently getting ready to start filming in New York. Our crowdfunding campaign is now live to support the upcoming steps of the production!
After living in New York for 10 years, I saw that we collected a lot of experience, memories and ideas on how the world is the way it is now.  From the ongoing refugee crisis, to having a shrewd business man, and a reality tv star as the president of USA; from the overwhelming flood of information that eventually blinds us all, to terrorist attacks all around- the events of our days have been reminding me my responsibility as an artist. Emir and I decided to “say something” and to have a work that is reachable and long lasting so that it finds its place in the history.
What we see in the world is a collapse of culture and we had something to say! “TRANSFORMISM is about a new philosophy on our power to transform ourselves & our culture. The story is told through Claire’s transformation from a being a blind consumer of popular culture to a philosopher with widespread views. Claire’s friendship with Selma, a Syrian emigre pianist, has a big role in her transformation. We take Voltaire’s suggestion to “cultivate our garden” to the next step and suggest a “how”.
I believe our film Transformism will make philosophy cool again!

Here’s the link for our indiegogo campaign – contribute today!


No matter how much you can contribute we’ll be grateful for your support.
In solidarity!