Music Appreciation Classes with pianist/composer Emir Gamsızoğlu
January 5th, 6th, 12th, 13th, Upper West Side
CLASSICAL 4 ALL classes in New York will start with a 12 hour program about classical music composers, instruments, notation, and musical forms. Think of this series as a Music 101 class that is not in a ‘classroom’ atmosphere. We will listen, chat, sip our coffee and discover, re-discover the world of classical music.

Emir gamsizoglu
Emir Gamsızoğlu

I don’t believe in education as a mass production. That can easily turn into some sort of brainwashing. I believe in personal connections. I became a musician after the age of 20, because I was moved by music and that was the only reason. It became my passion, and was never my ‘homework’. Actually the “education” I had in the conservatory almost caused me to lose my connection with music, until I met a master musician and studied with him.
Now, my technique of teaching music, if I have one, is to find a personal connection between the listener and the music.

says Emir Gamsızoglu who became a professional pianist after the age of 20 after quitting his career as a basketball player. Read his story on Manhattan’s news portal DnaInfo here.
This 12 hour program also has a big bonus for you! You will be able to download our inspiring instructor Emir Gamsızoglu ‘s neatly organized 20GB classical music archive!

DATE: Jan. 5th Sat.
Jan. 6th Sun.

Jan. 12th Sat.

Jan. 13th Sun.
11am-2pm / 3-6pm
11am-2pm / 3-6pm
11am-2pm / 3-6pm
11am-2pm / 3-6pm
LOCATION: TBD  (Manhattan – Upper West Side)
FEE: $180 for 4 classes (12 hours)
917 216 9911

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Interviewing Carol Sills #improvisation #ViolaSpolin

While working with Carol, as her stage manager for the Story Theatre Production “The Tao of Chuang Chou” at The New Actors Workshop, I heard many stories about Viola and Paul. I wanted to record and share at least some of it so we conducted an interview with her about Spolin Improvisation. Our interview translated into Turkish got published in The New Theater Magazine in Turkey. Here is a little part in which Carol talks about the birth of improvisational theatre in the US.