Transformism #indiefeature in progress!

Our independent film Transformism continues to call “action” all over New York City! Our fundraising campaign ends in only a couple of days. We are grateful to our friends and followers who believe in our work and support us. Please check it out and contribute, share, help us make some noise:
TR: Bağımsız film projemiz Transformism New York’ta çekimlere devam ediyor! Fon destek kampanyamızın son günlerindeyiz. Bize inanan ve destek veren dostlarımızla takipçilerimize minnettarız. Siz de destekçiler arasına katılın, çorbada tuzunuz filmde isminiz olsun:
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Here’s our latest teaser with footage from the film, enjoy!
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Snapshots from our set… // Ve setten anlar…


“We must cultivate our garden.”
Director: Emir Gamsızoğlu
Screenplay: Ege Maltepe & Emir Gamsızoğlu
Director of Photography: Yiğit İlke Yücesan
Cast: Ege Maltepe, Kaan Çakır, Eurydice El-Etr, Cihangir Duman, Dylan Grunn, Eva Cavadini, Elizabeth Raia, Atakan Oğuz, Carol Asch, Jeffrey Sweet, Jenny Burks, Mary Anne Holliday, Yessenia Rivas, Eamon Speer, Mason Sullivan, Amanda Jungquist, Kevin Kilcullen, Valentina Layne, Rich Layne, Ali Pınar, Emin Maltepe, Defne Maltepe, Nil Maltepe.
What we see in the world is a collapse of culture and we had something to say! “TRANSFORMISM is about a new philosophy on our power to transform ourselves & our culture.
What we see as the savior of the future is culture. Politics and economy are only the subsets of culture. If we transform the culture, the politicians and the approach to economy will transform as well. To transform culture to a better version of itself, philosophy is essential. To create a new philosophy, we need thinkers and for people to think, we need to color their lives with arts and literature.
The story is told through Claire’s transformation from a being a blind consumer of popular culture to a philosopher with widespread views. Claire’s encounters with new people has a big role in her transformation.
We took Voltaire’s suggestion to “cultivate our garden”, mixed it with the ideas of other philosophers from Confucius to Sartre and todays social ideological needs and transformed them into a new philosophy.
This is an independent project with a very small budget. We are currently in the production process. We have a super talented and international cast and crew. New York scenes are almost finished, and now our story will take us to Istanbul and Paris.
Your contributions will be helpful in the future steps of our production and post production process. We thank you for your support!

The Sound of Istanbul is the Sound of #Love

Turkey, especially my hometown Istanbul has been the target of so many terrorist attacks for the last couple of years. In this age of instant information, the news goes around quickly, along with comments, and we pray and we share and pray and share…
Turkey is the bridge between two continents. Anatolia and Istanbul have always been the intersection of cultures and just like Turkish cuisine, Turkish music melts the elements of these cultures into a great mix. This time, composers Emir Gamsızoğlu and Erkin Arslan “cooked” Rhapsody on Istanbul Tunes in Western classical music style. The piece is based on three very famous Istanbul tunes and a Bach style basso continuo. Some of the greatest Western Classical Music composers are quoted in the piano part just like the people of Istanbul crossing the bridge between East and West every single day.
Standing in solidarity with all nations in East and West suffering from terrorism, we share the sound of Istanbul as a message of peace to heal our souls.
Listen to the sound of Istanbul and join our fight against war and terror by sharing the music that brings us together! Let’s spread the “good”.