In-Yer-Face with Beethoven!

photo 1I consider myself as a very lucky person, because I’m married to a classical musician whose work involves some of the greatest artists in the history of human kind. Often I get to hang out with people like Chopin, Bach, and Rachmaninoff. Everyday I’m witnessing how music, as one of the most abstract art form, can become the spokesperson of your emotions. Unfortunately I don’t play any instrument ( “Yet!” yells my former acting teacher George Morrison who often speaks to me in my head) but I’m a devoted listener of classical music since the day I met Emir.
Nowadays we are getting ready to perform our show DRAMA IN BEETHOVEN in New York City. This is a project that we’ve developing since 2009.

So ladies and gentlemen, Ludwig is in da house!

Ludwig Van Beethoven
Ludwig Van Beethoven

Reading about Beethoven’s life, his truthfulness, stubbornness and the way he directly speaks his mind, makes me think, “This guy had balls!”, and sometimes I wish I could be like him, even though he had a lonely life full of dysfunctional relationships. But then I think maybe some people has to suffer in order to create masterpieces like Hammerklavier.
The truthfulness, passion and consistency in Beethoven’s music, to me is incomparable even when I consider the other greatest composers (Here,  Emir would argue with me and tell me about the intelligence behind Bach’s Preludes-Fugues, ok I get it!). But to me Beethoven is unique, because when I listen to his pieces I feel like he just speaks to my face, holding me from my shoulders so I don’t run away. He speaks his thoughts, his anger, his love, his victories and losses… and he doesn’t let me go, he wants me to hear and understand every word! And he’s damn honest!
In DRAMA IN BEETHOVEN we conduct an experiment to give an option to the listener while listening to classical music, we link Beethoven’s music to stories. For example an important part of the performance is about the relationship between Shakespeare’s The Tempest and Beethoven’s Tempest Sonata, in that part I get to blush with excitement since two greatest artists are in the room together.
Come, join us and see me blush in West Village’s best music cafe, so Beethoven can talk to your face!
January 25th 6pm January 26th 4pm, at 32 Jones Street, 10014
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"TITS" on NY Press

TITS, the show, is the brainchild of Ege Maltepe who is a Turkish actress from Tits - roportaj fotoTurkey who now resides in NYC. The comedy lecture takes on one of huMANity’s favored subjects: TITS.
It seems Ege stumbled upon the American [and perhaps global] fascination with this part of the female anatomy while joking around. She found that both women, as the owners, and most men; have something between a fascination and obsession with TITS.
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Introducing Prof G & her TITS

Prof G wants YOU at her lecture!
Prof G wants YOU at her lecture!

It is time to reveal the truth about my TITS! I mean her TITS, by TITS I mean a lecture and by lecture I mean a lecture comedy!
The Turkish character Prof Bade Gediklioglu (Yes, read that out loud please:) created by me last summer with a Youtube channel and twitter account is finally revealing her true identity. Bade Gediklioglu, known as Prof G in New York, even has a sourtimes dictionary (eksi sozluk), a social dictionary well-known in Turkey, entry for her own name as a professor. She has followers on twitter and subscribers on Youtube, she’s real, she’s on the street just for the sake of her groundbreaking research on the social importance of female breasts. She likes to call them TITS.
Presented by WiredArts Fest, the first live-streamed performance festival of, Prof G will perform 3 lecture comedy shows in late February at Queens’ The New Media Center, Secret Theatre and worldwide via internet.
TICKETS are on sale!
Here’s prof G’s blog:
I, I mean WE, will keep you posted!