Chen is coming to Istanbul!

Our dear friend clarinetist Chen Halevi is coming to Istanbul tonight! He’ll be here to record Emir’s piece “Fantasy on Istanbul Tunes” with Istanbul Trio. He’s coming with his fiancee Maia Brami, who is a writer from Paris, her latest book “Dans les Ventres des Femmes” (Inside Women’s Bellies) with a preface from Eve Ensler recently got celebrated through a series of artistic collaborations and exhibitions in Paris. So I am extra happy to have Maia in Istanbul, eager to make plans for their 3 day trip.
Chen had his debut under the baton of Zubin Mehta with Israel Philharmonic when he was 16. Today he is known as one of the leading soloists with his solo and chamber music concerts all around the world. When I first saw him perform with Emir, I thought he was between an incredibly skilled classical musician and a super gifted gypsy playing clarinet. Isn’t that the perfect combination?
Chen and Istanbul Trio’s performance will be recorded for Emir’s album Alla Turca Around the World.
If you are curious about it, you can contribute to this work and help us making it happen!
Here’s our fundraising campaign:

and here’s Halevi and Tango Factory playing Piazzola, for a happy sunday keep watching his performances on Youtube before receiving Emir’s album:)

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