After our first workshop for GENIUS(by Chopin)

Our first workshop was inspiring and so much fun! We read about Chopin, talked about his life and listened to couple of his pieces selected by our director Jim Furlong and pianist Emir Gamsizoglu. Then, we dived into a deep discussion on how we define genius. What makes a talented man a genius. How does it manifest itself? How do we recognize it? Would Chopin still be a genius if he was the son of a coal miner? and many many more questions…

GENIUS(by Chopin) is about the talent/gift/potential that we all have and how our surrounding affects to  manifestation of it. It is about the struggles before our potential can be released and show itself in the shape of a vision/innovation/work.
The play consists of six scenes from different times and places. Frederic Chopin with his life and music, being played live on stage, is our metaphor and the main stone that we build the play upon.

As the playwright and one of the performers of this play, I am having so much fun in the process of creating together. Join our next workshop (July 17th) to bring your questions or answers. We are looking forward to meet possible off stage and on stage company members. Check out for more info!

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